Registering a Domain Name with united-domains

In this video I will register a domain name with united-domains.



Hi. I am Chris and in this video let’s register a domain name for our website.

O.k. so here I am on the website of united-domains.

united-domains is a german domain registrar and I am not paid or endorsed by united-domains. I will just use them because I have an account with them to manage my other domains.

Don’t be confused by the german language the process of registering a domain is very easy and will be quite similar with other registrars.

So the first thing we have to do is to check if our domain is still available for registration so let’s enter the domain name and hit the search button

The .com domain is still available so let’s select it and continue to checkout

In the next step we are asked if we want to add Whois Domain Privacy to our order.

I will select it because I want to protect my personal data

To finish the order you would have to register an account or login into an existing account.

As I already have an account I will just login

After logging in we can finish the order now

We will receive a confirmation on screen and also per email.

O.k. so now that we have registered the domain name we can continue to setup the web server.

See you in the next one.

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